Weekly WEM (Week 6)

And I’m back! WEM wasn’t on last week due to auditions for NEW WEMMIES! Exciting stuff hey?!

So this week, my trains decided to get their ass in gear and finally getting me to WEM on time for the first time in two weeks, brilliant! In fact I actually made it half an hour before class even started, plenty of time to catch up with everyone and welcome people back, even the coat stand was happy to see us, falling with the weight of coats and very nearly missing my friend chloe, it was rather entertaining; we never have a dull day at WEM!

First up was singing and this week we had to prepare a minute of musical theatre repertoire for the chance to sing in front of GINA BECK next week! Rather daunting but an incredible opportunity for us all! One of the best things about this class was seeing and hearing how much people had improved since I first met them and it’s very surreal experience sitting in a class every week with so many talented people. I was one of the last few to sing and I sung ‘Lifeboat’ from Heathers, I was quite nervous about doing this song as it’s short and sweet and then suddenly turns very belty in the middle of the song and I’d never been able to do it properly before- then a sort of miracle happened and my voice managed to do it, I couldn’t quite believe the noise which came out of me to be honest, I’m still feeling rather overwhelmed as I write this! Scott sat us all down after and proceeded to round up the class with ‘how do you feel that went’ which honestly, I could have improved on, I was so nervous that I didn’t remember the timing of the song and didn’t perform to my full capability- DAMN YOU NERVES! Scott completely encouraged us to just bring our game every time we get a chance to audition and said how we can easily learn a lot from each other, the way people perform, repertoire choices and everything else you can think of. Everyone did so amazing in this class and I can’t wait to see who gets picked to sing for the Masterclass next week!

We had acting with the incredible Jodie Jacobs (West End credits include: Betty/Carmen in Me & Juliet (Finborough Theatre, European Premiere); Emily in State Fair (Trafalgar Studios 2); Eva Peron on many occasions in Evita (Adelphi); covered and played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (Duke of York’s and Ambassadors); Serena in Fame (Aldwych); Scaramouche and Meat many times in We Will Rock You, Joanne in Rent (Garrick Theatre Gala performance); Fantine in Les Miserables In Concert) who did a Masterclass on cold-reading a script for audition, she told us about how you often get given a script, three minutes to learn it and off you go- so she did exactly that, gave us and our partners a few minutes to read our script, come up with a scenario and off we went. Jodie didn’t tell us much about each script until after we’d performed the first time, she then gave us a bit of feedback and some hints and then encouraged us to go again, at times completely changing the scenario we’d pictured originally or the relationships between the characters etc. The script I had was very basic, one word answers and short sentences, to me and my partner we thought it came across as two people who had fell out but Jodie changed our scenario to that we were like puppies and we bounced off each other’s energies- even pushing it to we were getting high together! She noted that a common British thing is that everything we do for some reason tends to be incredibly negative and that we need to americanise our way of thinking- KEEP IT POSITIVE! Jodie was incredible and so funny to have the chance to work with and she says next time she comes back she’ll do some accent work with us all- specifically American accents! EEK!

In Dance class we started learning our routine for our end of term assessment which was to Diamonds by Rihanna, the routine has some technical parts such as an arabesque which honestly I have never done in my life- note to self: I need to get my ass to a ballet class ASAP. The routine was rather fun and I can tell already it’s going to be a lot of hard work- there was even sweat on the windows and mirrors at the end of the class!! It was great being back at WEM and I can’t wait to write about the Gina Beck Masterclass- which takes up the full three hours of the session but it is SO worth it for the amount of incredible advice and tips you learn!


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