Weekly WEM (Week 7)

GINA BECK MASTERCLASS DAY! Now I’m aware this is rather late for me- but there is a very good reason for it, read on to find out…

I was so excited for the class, I leapt out of bed at 6am and started getting ready to go and also to get my head shots done (I feel like a real performer now!) When I arrived at the class we were all ridiculously excited to see who had been picked to sing, I always love these classes because they’re the time that you get to see all the talent from your own group as well as the others- the younger groups never cease to amaze me!

Gina unfortunately had to leave half way through the class due to another commitment, but her advice was invaluable and the most important piece of advice she gave was to be bold and to take risks because if you don’t try you’ll never know. A lot of the advice was very individual to each person and some of them were made to try a technique which would make them sing in a different way.

There were six people who were singing and all the songs were contrasting and from a variety of musicals and each one was incredible- most outstanding for me personally was twelve year old Asha who sung ‘Don’t Rain on my Parade’ from Funny Girl and it was the most outstanding version of the song I’ve ever heard, the girl is literally blessed with natural born talent and her voice was incredibly developed for her age, if she’s as good as she is right now who knows what she’ll be like in a few years! Future stars being developed every Sunday!

When Gina left, an announcement was made and due to not being sure if I was able to reveal what our show was, I delayed this post, but… our show for West End Live 2016 has been announced… drum roll please… it is… LEGALLY BLONDE!!!!!!!!!! We spent the rest of the afternoon starting to learn some songs from the set list for the show and I’m beyond excited to see what they do, unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t be able to do or watch West End Live this year because I’m on holiday (lucky me!) but you’re all in for a treat!

For now, I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak!



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