GSA Audition (Take 2)

My First Audition… Deep Breath… LET’S DO THIS.

I picked the last slot of the day for my audition, the 4pm slot which meant I could go straight to my part time class afterwards. I started the day by getting up super early and going to the gym, when I finished, I came home, got into my pyjamas and chilled out watching my main man spongebob, steaming with my favourite inhaler and going through my material for the audition.

Finally came the hour before hand, I got to GSA for quarter past three, went to the reception desk and was greeted by a lovely member of staff, I received my name label and handed in my passport photo, she told me to take a seat and that she’d call us all over when the panel were ready for us, I sat there for a while not really knowing what to do, I had a play in my bag so got that out and started reading, I couldn’t focus on it so put it away again, I then text my sister about how I really needed to go for a nervous bathroom break, she then proceeded to post about this on twitter, which is always a fabulous thing to happen when you’re basically dying.

After what felt like forever, the receptionist called us all over and there was a small group of us, smaller than my audition last year who gathered together nervously, for a while we didn’t really say anything to each other, then conversation struck as we proceeded towards the audition room between me and two chirpy blonde girls and then the rest of the group all got to talking, it was a lovely bunch to be with to be honest, it was a lot of people’s first auditions, so to calm the nerves I explained how I auditioned last year and how it’s really quite a chilled out audition! We kept quoting one of the girls audition songs to each other- ‘BREATHE guys!’

We got into the audition room and our panelist wasn’t actually there, I wondered if it would be the same woman from last year as we put our bags to the corner of the room and collected our sheet music and bottles of water and proceeded to take our seats at the back of the room, I sat myself between the two lovely blonde girls and we chatted away before our pianist for the audition Bernie got us all to start a warm up, we did a few scales and sung some tunes and Bernie explained what he wanted us to do when we got to the piano, how to explain cuts and tempo and said he’d shoo us away if he already knew the song, we got back to our seats and our panellist (who’d entered the room during warm up) introduced himself, Steven Luke Walker, Head of Singing at GSA, The Voice Whisperer, if I wasn’t nervous before I certainly was now! Steven was absolutely lovely, really chatty with us, had good banter and explained what he was looking for, good vocal health, our believability in our performance and of course that star quality, to be the person in the room no-one can take their eyes off and to have that special something about them that not the average person does.

We got up one by one to sing and we started with one of the boys, who sung ‘Proud of Your Boy’ from Aladdin, a song I had heard a million times at summer school last year! Next up was a guy who was currently on the Foundation at GSA, who sung a song from Love Never Dies, his voice blew me away! Then came a girl from Arts Ed who sung ‘Gimme Gimme’ from Thoroughly Modern Millie, she knocked it out the park and had the most gorgeous voice, but I had to wonder whether it was the best choice of song considering GSA had put on the production only a few months prior! Next was one of the lovely blonde girls, who sung ‘Think Of Me’ from Phantom of The Opera, I couldn’t believe a voice like that came out of someone who came across so timid, I felt like a proud momma, I was even more shocked when she came back to her chair and said to me and other blonde that she’d done badly, I was like you whaaaaaaat mate and assured her she was fabulous! Next up was other blonde, who sung ‘Breathe’ from In The Heights, I had to be honest I was wondering when a Lin Manuel Miranda song would come up, it HAD to at some point! After the blondes, came a shy girl singing ‘I’d Give My Life For You’ from Miss Saigon and then arguably one of the most memorable performances of the audition, a confident guy singing ‘Luck Be A Lady’ from Guys and Dolls, I was thinking what a brilliant choice in terms of song, he really really went for it, adding cheeky little dance move into his routine, a lot of rolling of his dice and things, memorable to say the least! He rocked his personality so fair play to him! Then came me, I sung Dear Daddy from Bratt Camp, I felt it went rather well, it wasn’t my best singing, but in terms of performing it I felt like I got it spot on in that moment, something just clicked for me and I really felt the emotions, so much so that I cried! I couldn’t quite believe it! After me was the final auditionee, she’d came in late at the beginning so missed out on the warm up, I wish I caught the name of her song because it was gorgeous, she aced her solo and I loved her voice, what a fantastic way to finish off the audition.

Steven then said some last few words and explained what would happen from there… two weeks wait until we find out the result of our auditions and how we’d find out through UCAS if we were unsuccessful and through the applicant portal if we were lucky enough to get one of those rare recalls we all desire! He finished off with a story about a one of his ex students, a graduate of the school who auditioned FOUR times until they finally gave her a place and how she worked her arse off the whole time she was there and still does till this day. He then thanked us for coming along and for being so well prepared and that was it, it was over…

Result of the audition… Well hey ho, for the second year running I didn’t get a recall and I’m surprisingly alright about it. I thought I’d be crying and not leaving the house for days, wrapping myself up in my duvet and comfort eating but I’m okay. I did my bloody best, I fully felt that it was 50/50 and could go either way for me and that’s all I could have done, turns out that I just don’t seem to be their cup of tea but that’s totally okay, everything happens for a reason and maybe I’m being pointed in a different direction in life. I’ve had two more auditions since GSA which have gone really well so I’m keeping my head up and my fingers crossed.


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