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I’ve been waiting DAAAAAAAYS to announce this news, so why not do it on my lovely blog?! I’m dead excited about all of this.

I was encouraged by a friend to audition for Dreamrole Production’s DEAR HEATHER HANSEN, I knew two people who had taken part in their Hamilton sing along at The Theatre Cafe which was live streamed worldwide which I thought was pretty cool. So you may have guessed by the name, this event was going to be a singalong of Heathers The Musical and Dear Evan Hansen. Admittedly two shows which I really like. Heather McNamara is also one of my dream roles, so I decided to have a whack at it and see what came out of it.

The audition process is pretty simple really. Whichever role you want to audition for will have an audition song (or two) which you will have to learn and then once you’re ready you send in a video of you performing said song along with a couple of details about you, age, address and a few basics. The casting team will then rifle through all of the audition videos and cast you either in your chosen role, an alternative role which they think you’d be good at or as part of the ensemble.

Sadly, I didn’t get Heather M, but instead was offered an alternative role for the production which was a VERY unexpected twist to say the least. I was offered the role of Kurt’s Dad as well as a Soloist in both productions. I happily accepted the role, I was a nervous wreck waiting for the news and I was seriously surprised I managed to get something with such tough competition and loads of entries!

This brings me to say, we’re performing Dear Heather Hansen at LEON West End on the 6th January from 7pm onwards and it’s being live streamed! The Hamilton Singalong raked in 12k views, to say I’m excited and very nervous is an understatement.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out DreamRole Productions on their FACEBOOK or TWITTER on the attached links! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on how it all goes and put the live stream link on my social media pages. You can check out previous live streams on their facebook page!



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