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As always, the year absolutely flew by and I don’t even know where the time went. 2017 was a very strange one, it was amazing in so many ways but also had it’s downfalls, as every year does. But like I say every year I’m determined to make the following year better. But I have a feeling that 2018 will be better than all the rest so far.

I have a couple of resolutions that I’d really like to do this year, whether that’s stick to them permanently or try them for a short amount of time, I’ve got a big year ahead and I can’t wait to see what it brings for me.

Health and Fitness

Go Vegetarian for at least two months: I was inspired by my flat mate who decided to go Vegetarian for a month when we got to University, we all told him that he’d never do it, I honestly didn’t think he would… but he proved us all wrong and has actually stuck to it completely and is still a Vegetarian now. He looks healthier and more toned which I really want to achieve myself. I’ve decided to start this resolution in January as a sort of detox from all of the food I devoured over the Christmas holidays. This is personally going to be REALLY difficult for me, I love my chicken and apparently the alternative isn’t that great, but I’ll have a whack at it and see what happens! Hopefully it makes a difference, I’m sure they’ll be a pending blog post in a few months time.

Go to the Gym at least three times a week: I seriously need to up my game in the gym, my stamina is ridiculously low and my fitness isn’t at all what it needs to be for this career which I want to pursue. I’m not a big girl don’t get me wrong, but I really want to focus on toning and stamina rather than the actual losing of weight. I need to really look at how I plan out my gym sessions, my main aim is to reach a specific goal in time for my 21st birthday in October, so I have the majority of the year to get to where I want to be.

Portion Sizes NEED Help!: I need to eat better, there’s no other way to put it. I eat a ridiculous amount of food, my portions are enough to feed a family of four and I never know when to stop. I’m surprised I’m not the size of a house. I really want to eat better, get to grips with my portion sizes, stop eating junk food as regularly as I do (this reaches it’s peak when if I go home on a weekend! So basically I’m going to avoid going home for Term 2 of University)

Eat Breakfast EVERYDAY: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I miss it every single day because I’m never up on time or I’m in a rush or whatever, I really need to make sure I start doing this and making sure it’s a healthy breakfast at that, Nutella on Toast is not a healthy breakfast, maybe just a weekend treat.


Money and Budgeting

Stop spending money on Food: OH MY GOD, I am the worst for doing this and if I added up all the money I spent on food last year it would make me a little bit ill, I constantly forget to make a packed lunch for uni, purely because I don’t have the items for it or I forget to take little things to munch on throughout the day. I need to start making healthy packed lunches for university instead of buying food, I cannot afford to be spending £5 a day with my non existing budget.

Do not go into overdraft unless it is necessary: I started my job in October, so I was expecting to be paid from work at the end of November as the usual case would have it, I went into my overdraft and budgeted expecting to have two months of wages coming into my bank account and that some of it would go on paying back my overdraft. Oh how I was wrong. The money didn’t come in and I found myself with literally nothing, my parents gave me my Christmas money early and it still didn’t get me out of my overdraft and it was so depressing to know that all of that cash could have been used on other things. I really don’t want to be in that situation ever again, like ever. So once I’m finally paid and out of my overdraft I don’t want to go into it again. My maximum I go into it will be £100 and that is ALL. Never again Soph for the love of Christ.

Start Saving for 2018 Plans: I really want to start saving again, I want to have that safety blanket in case I ever need it, I’m really hoping to have some money to start driving lessons this year as I want the independence and not have to spend money on trains all the time. It would also be amazing to drive home from Aldi with my food shop rather than dragging it home. I’m planning way too far in advance because I most likely won’t ever be able to afford a car… but I can dream you know.

Personal Life

Stop sticking up for everyone: I need to stop sticking up for people and start looking out for myself, I’m the type of person that if something seems wrong to me, I’ll always speak up against it and more often than not, many people agree with me but don’t have the balls to say it and leave me to do the dirty work. Then when it comes to the moment of truth, no-one pipes up or agrees with me and they let me take the fall alone. NO MORE, I am not a doormat, you’re spineless and I don’t have time for you from this point on.

Take risks, be brave:  Try that song, dance your heart out, don’t be afraid to make bold decisions and take risks, who cares what someone else thinks? This is my life and no-one else gets to define me or what I choose to do.

Sleep more: My sleeping pattern needs a lot of work, to be honest I’m sleep deprived 1000000% of the time, I need to sleep earlier rather than sitting up watching Netflix and making blog posts when inspiration comes to me at the late hours.

Read BOOKS: Basically, instead of watching Netflix 24/7 I want to sit down and curl up with a book and a cup of hot chocolate every so often, sometimes there’s nothing better than being in that zen zone, I’m currently reading Get Your Shit Together by Sarah Knight, it’s life changing and if you’ve read it I’m totally a Simon.

Experiment more with my cooking; I want to be way more adventurous with my cooking because I’m actually bloody good at it. I want to venture into making sweet potato toast and homemade red pepper dip and in general just be more proactive, I have a cookbook sitting in the kitchen with a couple of sticky-noted pages of new recipes to try.

GET THE JOB!: I have an audition for a job coming up in a couple of weeks which I really really want, it would be an amazing experience for me and I’d love every moment, I just want to smash the audition, it’d be a massive confidence boost for me and possibly life changing, it could also determine what I want to do with my future career which is really exciting.

Get more Experience: I really want to get a bit more experience with things outside of musical theatre, recently I attempted modelling for a photographer’s portfolio which was interesting, I might try it again sometime, but I can say I had a go and I did it, I also want to try my hand at short films as it would be something brand new to me.

Get at least a 2:1 by the end of first year: I really want to get a good grade at the end of first year, luckily this year’s grade doesn’t count towards the final grade, but I want to aim high and work hard to achieve this goal, I really think I can do it with my high level of determination, I got this girl.

So I think that’s it for now and I’m determined to hit every one of these goals and resolutions, it’ll be interesting looking back this time next year and seeing if I achieved what I wanted! But until then…

Soph x 


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