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Life has flashed by and I’m finally here, my third and final year of university. Where has the time gone honestly? Here we are in November and two months into my third year and I’m definitely looking forward to the Christmas Holidays and a break!

Third year is definitely the most stressful of all, rehearsals for upcoming shows, multiple deadlines for essays that I don’t have time to write, being in charge of extra curricular activities, auditioning for jobs, working part time as and when I can and taking on far too much responsibility, it’s exhausting and to be honest I’ve never been so drained which is ironic as I’ve never had so few hours on my timetable. I live with a constant migraine and barely have time to sit down and think.

But here I am, tea in hand and a snippet of downtime, my afternoon has been spent watching The Crown Series 3 after a shift at work. I think the thing is with third year, you are profusely warned about how tough it is, but the third years before you seemed to have it so together that you didn’t realise the sheer amount of stress they were under until you’ve stepped into their shoes.

My spare time is constantly consumed with my thoughts, what the hell am I going to do once uni is over? When’s the next upcoming audition? I need to contact agents! I need to choreograph! I need to earn money so I can get a place after university! I need to learn my harmonies for the twelve different songs for all the shows I have coming up! I need to do this, I need to do that and I feel like I’m in overdrive 24/7.

Saying all this, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far, final few hurdles to go and in eight months time it’ll all be over and I have my whole future ahead of me with endless possibilities. I live in fear I’ll end up in a job I hate and I’m constantly in a battle between my head and heart about what to do after university.

But the plan for now is to find some downtime each week so that I can just chill out and not think about anything what so ever and hopefully even find some time to write for my very mistreated blog. I’ve just been so stressed lately that I never take a minute to congratulate myself for what I have achieved and for what I will achieve, I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and I know It’ll all be worth it when I have that cap and gown on next year.

That’s it for now gang, I know it was just a vent on my behalf, but I’ll be back soon enough, I hope anyway! Once I get my s*@t together.


Soph x 




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