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e571e4e7-f204-43cc-b337-ffecadf72d34If you live under a rock, you probably aren’t aware that I’m running the Brighton Marathon this year. Oh my god, THIS YEAR. So there you go, I SAID IT… it’s REAL.

The subject of Mental Health is very dear to me. I believe the subject needs to be talked about way more in general and the stigma behind it needs to go. I can’t even begin to explain the sheer number of people in my life who are affected and the lack of understanding I’ve seen towards mental health. I’ve felt so incredibly low, but I have the best family and friends to get me through the hard times, but not everyone is so lucky to have a support network around them. This is where MIND comes in.

MIND provide advice and support for to empower anyone suffering with a mental health problem. They actively campaign to improve our mental health services, raise awareness and promote understanding. Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem, no-one should have to face it alone. Not only does MIND provide support online and on their infoline, local minds provide support and help to those that need it most. There’s a network of around 130 minds across England and Wales that offer specialised support and care.

£10 could allow us to send essential information booklets about mental health to 40 people.

£40 could pay for 28 people to campaign for change on our behalf.

£70 could keep our online community, Elefriends, open and safe for two hours.

£120 could offer a lifeline to eight people in desperate need of support from our Mind legal line.

£200 could help us keep the Mind Infoline open for 1 hour, helping 35 people.

£300 could support a young person bereaved by suicide to access 1:1 and group support.

£550 could provide five people struggling with their mental health a place in a 10-week well being group with team sports and cookery.

You can donate HERE and all the proceeds go directly to the charity. My goal is to raise over £500 for MIND and with a fundraiser or two planned, it’s now time to ask you guys for help. If you can spare anything I would be so grateful. So far I’ve raised 35% of my £500 target and every little helps, whether it’s £1 or £20 you can help make a difference.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you at the Finish Line!

Soph x 


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